A Gathering of Days

Blos, Joan W. (1979). A Gathering of Days: A New England Girl’s Journal, 1830-32. New York: Simon and Schuster.


I almost titled this post “Homeschooling in Literature”, as my purpose in sharing the following excerpt with you is simply to bring a smile to your face. It is the best depiction of homeschool/homemaking multitasking I have seen in a children’s book. The following is from p. 134 of A Gathering of Days.

     “One would think it a school house-ful instead of just two girls. Mammann announced, when breakfast was cleared, that she will set the lessons for us every morning early. Then we are to have two hours to study. After that she will hear us, and provide correction. Today’s attempt- perhaps being the first- was surely comical. ‘At what age, (Catherine, my scissors, please!) was Pocahontas when Captain John Smith fell into the Indians’ hands?’ And scarcely had I answered ‘Twelve,’ but that she turned to Matty with the Moral Catechism. ‘What is justice?’ (It is giving every man his due.) ‘What is generosity?’ (It is some act of kindness performed for another which strict justice does not demand.) ‘What is gratitude?’ (Gratitude is a thankfulness of heart for favours received.) Today, however, the familiar words were mixed with exclamations. ‘Dear child, do raise up the pot!’ ‘Matty, that sauce is going to scorch!’ ‘Catherine, watch your stitches!’

Joan Blos was awarded the Newbery for her depiction of a fourteen year old New Hampshire girl’s journal in the early eighteenth century.



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